our story

JM Web Design began in a dorm room in 2010, creating websites for small businesse. Today, we exist to provide affordable websites to all businesses, non-profit organizations, and start-up companies all over the United States. Small business is in our blood and that has been our driving force to support and grow small businesses with our solutions. Most small businesses can’t afford to pay a couple thousand dollars or more for a custom website and so they choose to go without; which is a terrible option. Or they choose a DIY builder which doesn’t offer the customization or scalability that they actually need. JM Web Design transformed over the years to create stunning website designs that are affordable and meet every need of our clients. Our goal is to provide a great website that any small business or organization can afford. JM Web Design has a team of 5 developers around the US to provide service to all of our clients. We started like any small business, and we know exactly what we’re doing, ask any of our 500+ clients.